E-mail mergers and such

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Have you ever wondered how to email a bunch of people the same thing and have it personalized to each recipient? Do you ever wonder how big companies or stores send you emails with their stuff, and it’s the same exact thing that they send to millions of people, yet it says “Hello Andrew X” ?


Microsoft Outlook, as well as many other programs I’m sure, can do that for you.

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You can have as many contacts as you want, and have one basic email you want to send, and personalize it to whatever you want, for as many people as you want. This process is called e-mail merge, and to do it, you’ll need an excel file with names, and emails, and maybe any other info, and a word document where the actual email is typed and ready to be sent.

In Microsoft Word, you can go to the tools section and click on start email merge. It will ask you to place the different “fields” in your word document. It will show like this:  <field 1>, <field 2>, etc. You place them wherever you want to match the personalized item or word, with each field.

So for example, I want to have the first match field to be the first name of every person in my contact list, so my email will show like this:

Dear <field 1>,

That would mean that field one would be everyone’s name. And so on and on, you can have specific fields for other things like dates, age, etc.

In the excel sheet you need to have the information of those you want to send the info to. And give each column a title like : First name, Last Name, e-mail, etc. You then go to the word document, and click on “Merge fields” and it will ask you to seek the info from where, that’s when you link your excel sheet to your word, and then merge the fields… Field 1 means first name, field 2 means last name, and so on.

Once the fields are merged, you click on finish, merge and send, and BAM. Every single email you sent was exactly the same except for the customized fields you matched, giving a personalized touch to a very massive attempt of communication.

Depending on your computer and internet’s speed and also in the amount of people you are sending your email to, your merge can take from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. If you have a fast and efficient computer, the merge shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds, and if it takes longer, you can still work on your computer doing something else while the emails are being sent.

Make sure you are 100% clear that there are no mistakes in your email, or else, hundreds and hundreds of emails will be sent to those in your excel sheet with a mistaken personalized message.

Outlook 2017 features and options

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As a young kid, I was never really interested in Microsoft Outlook, but who was? (At least as a kid). As a matter of fact, I always got upset at myself whenever I clicked by mistake the Microsoft Outlook icon on the quick-start little menu that windows used to have in the earlier versions of their operating system. You know, those three or four little icons that were on the start bar, right beside the start button? Outlook Functionality


Yeah, those. The microsoft outlook was right beside the start button in my computer since my dad used outlook for his work, and so, I mistakenly clicked on that icon A LOT. I always thought Outlook was boring stuff, and something I should never really get into ever.

Once I became a real adult, and started working at my current job, loving life and all that is good because I was out of school, I learned that Microsoft Outlook is quite the tool for a working person, and anyone that is busy and has to multitask and keep things organized for that matter. It’s actually kind of a life saving tool for the multitasker and working person during this era.

I use my Outlook for not only emailing, but also storing contacts, keeping a full schedule with the things I have to do daily all organized neatly. I can set appointments and invite others to join in the appointments for a meeting, or some sort of activity or gathering. I can organize my emails by folders and categories. I can get alarms set for appointments coming up, set up my own signature with my email, or an automated reply in case I’m not checking my email for a while, email merges, etc. And this is without mentioning all the editing you can do within the text of the email: size, font, color, etc.

You are also capable of using most of the other Microsoft programs like Microsoft Word, or Excel, or even Powerpoint, and link your work or files between those programs and Microsoft Outlook. For example, when I do e-mail merges (merges mean sending the same email to different people, but having their name customized at the beginning) I do everything through Microsoft Word and Excel, and then send it all, through Microsoft Outlook’s tools included in Microsoft Word. It saves you so much time, and it’s quite simple to learn and use.